Yusef Lateef - Live at Pep’s Volume Two

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Thankfully, Impulse had the good sense to complete the entire Live at Pep’’s evening by releasing Volume 2 in 1999. Impulse has been notoriously slow to release Yusef Lateef’’s material that he recorded for them in the 1960s onto CD (shamefully, only the two Live at Pep’’s albums were domestically available in 1999). Volume Two carries on this document of a live Yusef hard bop date in much the same fashion as Volume One. Both are particularly incredible in their recording quality and the performances of each layer. The selections and the energy that is put into each and every song is especially moving, but shines specifically bright on “P-Bouk” and “Yusef’’s Mood,” — both showcase Yusef’’s highly personal and breathy approach to the flute. If you’’ve got Volume One, Volume Two is an absolute, unquestionable must-have. - Allmusic.com

1. Brother John
2. P-Bouk
3. Nu-Bouk
4. Yusef’’s Mood
5. I Remember Clifford
6. Listen To The Wind
7. I Loved
8. Delilah
9. The Magnolia Triangle (Alternative Version)

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