Clazziquai Project - Instant Pig

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01. You never know
02. 내게로 와
03. Futuristic
04. After Love
05. Novabossa
06. Sweety
07. Stepping out
08. Tattoo
09. I will never cry
10. Gentle Rain
11. After Love II
12. Flower
13. Play Girl
14. My Life
15. Cat Bossa

Released in 2004, this album has amazed the experts who regarded Clazziquai as the representative band that created a new “Korean Electronica” genre. Over 5 songs from this single album have been used in 6 CFs, proving its success in gaining popularity as an unconventional genre.
Novabossa, a twist of Bossanova as the title suggests, was used as OST for the movie “My boyfriend’s Romance.” For this single album, over 30 songs were mixed and remixed inorder to create the best out of experimental sounds. The Debut song Sweety, showed both in MV and music its experimental approach to music. Webdesigner Clazzi’s work was also shown in its Music Video, featuring the “pig,” their mascot, as the experimental result that acts as a connector of love. The remixed English version of this song, in Japanese remix album released in 2005, had later been used as a CM song in world-famous soccer star David Beckham’s CF. In 3 weeks, ‘Sweety’ charted #10 in Tokyo J-Wave ‘Tokio Hot 100,’ and #7 in Zip FM Radio chart. Fantastic Plastic Machine has praised Clazziquai as a new group to lead “Hallyu.”
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