Greg Howe - Sound Proof (2008)

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01 - Intro
02 - Emergency Exit
03 - Tell Me Something Good
04 - Connoisseur Part 1
05 - Reunion
06 - Morning View
07 - Walkie Talkie
08 - Rehearsal Note
09 - Side Note
10 - Sunset In El Paso
11 - Write Me A Song
12 - Child's Play
13 - Sound Proof
14 - Connoisseur Part 2

Whether you love or hate the genre of music he specializes in, you've got to give the man credit. Even during arguably the all-time low point for "guitar shredders" -- the mid- to late '90s -- Greg Howe stuck to his guns, issuing album after album of technically astounding guitar rock. And with the genre experiencing a resurgence circa the early 21st century, Howe is still all about showing off his six-string gymnastic ability, as evidenced by his 2008 release, Sound Proof. If you're seeking carefully constructed, melodic songs -- move along. But, if you're into all-instrumental prog metal with guitar at the forefront, then Sound Proof should meet your requirements. Look no further than the album-opening "Emergency Exit," which has some very heavy '70s fusion elements (especially due to the Jan Hammer-esque keyboard doodling of David Cook), while other tracks such as the Steve Vai-esque "Morning View" and the funky "Side Note" are also standouts. Musical trends may come and go, but you always know what's in store with a new Greg Howe release, and this veteran shredder certainly doesn't disappoint with Sound Proof.

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