Joshua Redman Quartet - Blues for Pat (1994)

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This European CD, probably a bootleg, shows
just how exciting the band was live. On 70 minutes of music recorded in a San Francisco club, Redman often indulges in close interplay and exciting tradeoffs with Metheny; the two clearly inspired each other. The recording quality is decent, and the performances overall actually exceed Wish in passion and creativity. Highlights include “Blues for Pat,” an 181/2-minute version of “St. Thomas” and “Carla’s Groove.” All Joshua
Redman and Pat Metheny fans will want this one. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

1. Blues For Pat (Joshua Redman) 14:25
2. Sketches (Joshua Redman) 14:15
3. Band Intro (Joshua Redman) 5:30
4. Wish (Joshua Redman) 10:45
5. St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) 18:26
6. We Had A Sister (Joshua Redman) 7:07
7. Carla’s Groove (Joshua Redman) 5:13

Joshua Redman (Tenor Saxophone)
Pat Metheny (Guitar)
Christian Mc Bride (Double Bass)
Billy Higgins (Drums)

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