Mezzoforte - Surprise Surprise

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Artist: Mezzoforte

Title Of Album: Surprise Surprise
Year Of Release: 1983
Format: MP3
Quality: 224 kbps
Size: 71,4 mb

1. Surprise
2. Garden Party
3. Gazing At The Clouds
4. Early Autumn
5. Action Man
6. Funk Suite No. 1
7. Easy Jack
8. Fusion Blues
9. Old Neighborhood
10. Surprise (Reprise)

Recorded in:
PRT Studios, London UK
July- August 1982
Produced by: Geoff Calver

Eythor Gunnarsson, Keyboards
Fridrik Karlsson, Guitars
Johann Asmundsson, Bass Guitars
Gulli Briem, Drums, Percussion
Kristinn Svavarsson, Saxophones

Additional Musicians:
Louis Jardim - Percussion
Shady Owens - Voice
Chris Cameron - Voice
Steve Dawson - Flugelhorn
Winston Sela - OBX programming
Horns section:
Bill Eldridge - Trumpet
Martin Dobson - Saxophone
Stuart Brooks - Trumpet
Chris Hunter - Saxophone

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Punda Jazz@u @ February 26, 2009 at 11:46 PM

Released in Great Britain in early 1983 this album was the bands first international release. It contains the hit “Garden Party” which crossed over into pop charts around the world. The album was first released in Iceland in late 1982 as MEZZOFORTE4, with a different cover. For the international release the title was changed to Surprise Surprise and the record company decided to use the cover from the bands previous album “Thvilikt og annad eins” which was only released in Iceland. (

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